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Our Columns

Create traditional elegance to your home.  Columns are perfect for either new construction or remodeling. Columns are very versatile and can be used to create a classical and elegant look to the exterior and interior of your home. We offer a wide variety of columns, styles, caps, and bases.

We offer two main types of columns, fiberglass and aluminum. Our fiberglass columns are a good, low-cost way to add long-lasting style and elegance to your home. Shaped as the ancient Greek columns were, they are made from advanced and high-density polymers that are very sturdy and easily resist damage. Our fiberglass columns require nearly no maintenance, and have many styles, including round (smooth and fluted), and square (smooth). 
On the other hand, our aluminum columns create elegance at a very affordable price. They have the traditional look of wood while providing many advantages to other materials. There are many styles for these columns including round (fluted), and square (fluted, smooth, and square panel). Aluminum columns can also be painted in different colors, including white, almond, sandstone, tan, black, and brown. They are low maintenance and can last for many years.
Our columns have multiple bases and a large variety of caps to choose from. Our bases are the standard base, the Doric base, savanna base, and the attic base. Our caps include standard, ionic, scamozzi, temple, Corinthian, Charleston, and Doric caps. All our columns are versatile and can be used for many types of structures including homes, churches, office buildings, schools, libraries, motels, museums and other public buildings, indoors and outdoors.


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